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A determination to create original Art. A quest for beauty. A love of earth and clay. All led Dan Skinner to invent new ceramic techniques, innovative graceful forms, and sculptural realism that have become his trademark. His works include human and animal forms, as well as inanimate objects and large rare vases.

Bronze and Metal Sculpture by Dan Skinner

"Romance" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture by Dan Skinner Sculptor

fine bronze sculpture of whales by Dan Skinner bronze sculptor

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture
edition 90
18 inches x 18 inches x 21 inches

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The Sculptural Excellence of Dan Skinner...

Dan Skinner SculptorSimilar to ancient man, Dan Skinner slowly, meticulously, hand builds pinch pots from a single lump of clay. Pinching, pressing and stretching, hour after hour, until the clay evolves and takes life. He creates exquisite art out of passion for clay, the primal medium, the connection to Mother Earth. large, aesthetic pots are masterfully sculpted into elegant works of art, each showing startling newness, melding a conscious rebirth of ancient techniques with bold, modern innovation.

sculpture stone and bronze by Dan Skinner sculptor

From Stone to Metal

Dan has completed various commissions, done public artwork, and shown in galleries across the United States and now in Australia.

bronze whale sculpture by Dan Skinner


Dan recalls his first sighting of a humpback whale ... from the jetty of the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki, hawaii in 1969. "It was exciting, even from a distance. During seven years in alaska, he has hiked the cliffs of Cook Inlet's Turnagain Arm to watch numerous Beluga whales feast on local salmon. Orca whales frolicked off the bow of his boat while fishing in Prince William Sound. During summers in Southeastern Alaska, he viewed Bowheads, Greys,, Orcas, and Humpbacks.